In addition to planning and installation services, we offer a range of other services such as the troubleshooting service, advising your company on strategic and financial matters, creating templates for documentation purposes or personnel management.


Our employees have many years of experience in the maintenance and service of various electrical systems. We offer service assignments for existing components and systems, both regular and short-term trouble shooting assignments. For service work in the area of control technology, remote maintenance systems with personnel on call – if desired, around the clock – are available. Thanks to our extensive network and our worldwide partner companies, we can also offer our customers longer-term construction site assignments.


We offer technical consulting and concept development for the construction of electrotechnical plants. Our experienced and qualified project managers ensure your project success. Furthermore, we support you in strategic, technical decisions with regard to investment projects, profitability calculations and the development of spare parts concepts for the safe operation of your plant. Customer-oriented, technical training and education in the field of automation technology and electrical systems complete our range of services.


Our range of services extends from compensating for lack of personnel capacity, the independent assumption of defined order packages to the development of individual project concepts. In doing so, efficient engineering, optimal use of existing resources, reduction of planning times and cost-oriented project management are our standards.

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We also provide you with specialist personnel for all the areas we offer. This saves you a lot of time for job advertisements and personnel selection and allows you to react flexibly to changing requirements.

CAD Service


SCE S.à r.l. has been creating its own electrical overview plans, installation diagrams and circuit diagrams from the very beginning. We would like to offer this competence to our customers as well. On request we can:

  • update your existing paper documentation to the latest state of the art.
  • If no documentation or planning documents are available, carry out an inventory and then provide you with the necessary documents.



Everything that has to do with electrical installations must be calculated. We will do the calculations for you. Which lighting is needed where and in what form? Which cables do you need? What voltages are needed in which part of your installation and how does the electricity get there? Fuses, surge protection and other “hardware” must be calculated in the same way as the software that connects the components. And of course we also take the human factor into account – our calculations are transparent. You always have an insight into what we do, how and why. You can rely on us from planning to commissioning.

Lighting calculations

How can the lighting of your object or installations be made as energy-efficient as possible? Is it possible to calculate the well-being of employees in light? What is the exact value of a specific light colour? Not only the number of luminaires is important, but also the intensity of the light and the colour makes a significant contribution to whether a lighting system is ergonomic, functional, economical and in compliance with regulations. We calculate your lighting systems with the help of the latest software.

Medium-voltage network calculations

Medium-voltage networks can be calculated manually or by software. The calculation of networks is always useful when parameters such as the level of short-circuit currents, voltage drops or rises, reactive power requirements or simply the current distribution to cables running in parallel are to be calculated. The type of cables required can also be determined in this way. In individual cases, manual calculation can be more useful than calculation by software. In this case, we respond completely to your needs: After all, it is your system that is at stake. Medium-voltage network calculations help to optimise your systems and networks.

Low voltage network calculations

Network calculations for low voltage networks serve the same purpose as calculations for medium voltage networks. We carry out these network calculations manually or by software in order to optimize the networks in your plants for your needs and to make them safe. On request, you can accompany us through this process – our calculations are transparent. We will gladly explain the analyses and results to you.

Grounding calculations

Earthing systems must comply with standards. Because the earthing system is the basis for the safe operation of any electrical system: The EMC shielding is functional, persons are reliably protected. Modern simulation programs help with the calculations, but we would never rely solely on the software: The earth resistance is determined by measurement, even if the system has been tested by simulation. And of course we provide metrological proof of compliance with permissible limit values.

More of our services


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