We are your professional partner for the design, construction and maintenance of your medium and low voltage industrial installations throughout Luxembourg. We reliably take care of your electricity and emergency power supply as well as the provision of your emergency lighting.


We plan, develop and install distribution networks for industry for the efficient distribution of electrical energy to various consumers.

Medium-voltage systems

We design, build and maintain modern medium-voltage systems for industrial companies throughout Luxembourg. We always make use of the latest technologies currently available on the market.

More about medium-voltage systems.

Low-voltage systems

We plan, erect, expand and modify low-voltage systems of all sizes in strict compliance with all standards and ensure a flawless energy supply.


In order to avoid data losses in case of power failures and to reduce economic losses to a minimum, we install emergency power systems for you that protect you in an emergency.

UPS systems

To ensure continuous operation and backup of your data in case of power failures, we install high-performance UPS systems – individually adapted to your needs.

More about UPS systems.

Standby generators

To safeguard your production processes, we integrate reliable emergency generators that can supply your systems in an emergency.


In order to enable a perfect control and regulation of your plants, we use intelligent programming solutions, which guarantee a perfect communication between the individual plants.

More about Memory-Programmable Controlers.

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We also take care of the complete lighting technology within your industrial premises, including cabling.

Emergency power systems

Especially in the industrial sector it is of absolute importance to ensure an emergency power supply in order to avoid accidents. To this end, we plan, install, maintain and repair your emergency power systems in accordance with the highest safety standards.

Interior lighting

We supply industrial buildings with interior lighting concepts for all hall dimensions. When selecting your individual interior lighting, we attach the greatest importance to a high degree of efficiency, robustness and longevity in order to create the best possible visibility conditions.

Outdoor lighting

We provide area-wide lighting for your industrial outdoor facilities, even in special weather conditions. In order to guarantee a long service life, we only use high-quality materials that have proven themselves many times over.

Emergency lighting systems

In order to enable safe stopping of work, leaving the workplace and finding fire extinguishers or medicine boxes in the case of power failures, we provide adequate safety lighting.




We also take care of the installation of a practical busbar system for the flexible extension of new cables to your electrical systems.


The earthing system is used to safely conduct currents which may occur in the event of short-circuits or lightning strikes. In order to ensure the correct execution of the earthing system, conscientious planning, installation and intensive construction supervision during the execution work are required. An incorrectly designed or installed earthing system represents an increased risk, as in the event of a failure (short circuit…) the currents cannot be conducted into the earth and can therefore spread inside the building.

Overview of our services in the field of earthing systems:

  • Planning
  • Projecting
  • Assembly
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance
  • Inspection
  • Repair


The lightning protection system consists of external and internal lightning protection. The external lightning protection should intercept direct strikes through the collecting device and thus ensure a safe discharge of the current via the interception device into the earthing system.

However, this does not guarantee that no damage can occur inside the building in the event of a lightning strike. To avoid this, lightning equipotential bonding and surge protection must be provided inside the building.

The planning we carry out in accordance with current standards, the selection of the correct components and professional execution of the installation work ensure the long-term safety of your building.

Overview of our lightning protection services:

  • Planning
  • Projecting
  • Assembly
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance
  • Inspection
  • Repair



With professional overvoltage protection, we protect your technical systems from damage caused by overvoltage or static discharges.

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