SCE is your partner for the provision and maintenance of a reliable energy supply throughout Luxembourg. We construct nationwide infrastructures, build low and medium voltage systems, and ensure the safe and long-lasting operation of our customers’ systems.


Due to the ever-increasing number of electric vehicles, the demand for electric charging stations is constantly increasing, so that already today too few charging stations are available. In order to counteract this negative trend positively, we have specialised in the construction and installation of electric charging stations for the public, private and commercial sectors.

Since it is to be expected that the public sector will hardly be able to keep up with the increasing number of electric vehicles in the future, we recommend to consider the possibility of integrating later charging stations or to carry out the installation directly already during the construction of new buildings.


Medium-voltage systems for production, photovoltaics, power distribution etc. are indispensable for transporting electricity from the energy supplier to your electrical systems. Therefore we offer our customers the complete range of medium voltage applications. Individually tailored to your requirements, we supply turnkey plants from planning through project management to commissioning. All systems are characterised by the latest technology, cost-effectiveness and user-friendliness. The highest operational reliability of our systems combined with optimum personal protection guarantee a profitable investment in the future..

Our services in the field of medium-voltage systems include:

  • The planning, project management, installation and commissioning of medium-voltage systems and transformers in outdoor and indoor areas of up to 20kV.
  • The rental and maintenance of transformer stations for construction sites, temporary arrangements, conversions, temporary solutions for the construction of new customer plants or replacement plants in the event of malfunctions.
  • The provision of appropriate protection technology.
  • Maintenance and testing of medium-voltage systems with the associated measurement protocols.


From planning, through manufacture, installation and commissioning to maintenance, we cover the entire range of services for switchgear construction.

We manufacture switchgear systems for power distribution in industrial, residential and commercial buildings as well as for infrastructure buildings in accordance with DIN EN 61439-1 (VDE0660-600-1) and DIN EN 61439-2 (VDE0660-600-2).

We attach great importance to high reliability and low maintenance requirements for the products used in our switchgear systems. On-schedule completion and professional execution are the requirements that we want to meet.

Overview of our services in the field of switchgear construction:

  • Energy distribution
  • Low-voltage main distribution boards
  • Low-voltage subdistributions
  • Intelligent sub-distributions with KNX controls
  • Power cabinets with supply and drive panels
  • Switch cabinets
  • Control distributors (MCC)
  • SPS cabinets
  • Manufacturer-independent product portfolio
  • Plant conversion and extension of existing plants
  • Maintenance of the various switchgears


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