SCE offers you the latest and best solutions to use renewable energies and switch to green. Photovoltaic systems are our speciality and include solutions for grid feed-in as well as for our own consumption.


With innovative energy management systems it is possible for us to control the producers and consumers foresighted and adapted to your individual energy consumption at different times to increase the energy efficiency of your PV system to a maximum.


In order to optimise your self-consumption, there are further possibilities in addition to the use of solar batteries and intelligent energy management, such as the use of a heat pump, which uses the excess energy after charging the batteries for heating or ventilation.



Save costs cleverly with LED. The use of LED lights is for companies and other consumers a fairly simple measure to reduce the energy costs of the lighting system up to 80%. Conversion to an LED lighting system often sounds complicated, but it is very simple. Especially for the replacement of high-pressure mercury lamps (HQL) and spotlights, conversion to LED luminaires is a good idea, as these may no longer be used to protect the environment (reduction of carbon dioxide emissions). HQL will therefore soon no longer be available and should urgently be replaced by LED lights.

Advantages of LED lights:

o   High energy savings

o   Long service life up to 100,000h

o   Reduced CO² emissions

o   Full luminosity

o   Good colour rendering and high colour saturation

o   Dimmability

o   Low maintenance costs

o   Better light atmosphere

o   High application range

Overview of our services in the field of LED lights:

  • Inspection: We come to your company and inspect the existing lighting systems. The inspection provides an initial overview of the savings potential in your company.
  • Planning and calculation: We create a detailed specification, detailed planning and calculation for the implementation of an LED concept that is individually tailored to your company.
  • Implementation: The implementation covers all areas. We take care of the dismantling and disposal of the old lighting system as well as the delivery, installation and commissioning of the new LED lighting system.
  • Operation: At the customer’s request, we offer solutions that include all maintenance and repair work on the new LED lighting system over the entire service life.
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