We provide you with the most modern building technology available today. This includes the development of programmable logic controllers as well as the installation of your indoor and outdoor lighting systems.


Electrical distribution inside buildings is not an easy matter. Since every building is different, there are no off-the-shelf solutions. In addition to the technical characteristics of the building’s infrastructure, cost optimisation and efficiency require that appropriate and safe solutions be found to meet your needs. This is exactly what we see as our task. Electrical distributions are planning intensive – let us tackle this planning together! In the end, your finished system is ready for immediate commissioning.

Medium voltage systems

Basically, medium-voltage systems are an internal, self-operated medium-voltage network with several network stations. Building complexes with higher load concentrations can thus be supplied ideally. This applies to data centres as well as high-rise buildings with infrastructural use and airports, commercial complexes as well as industrial facilities and clinics.

When it comes to main feeds, the structuring of medium-voltage networks, network stations, power generation plants, switchgear and cable connections, we are your partner. We develop medium-voltage network concepts that meet your requirements and implement them with you and for you. We accompany you through to commissioning and maintenance. The safety of the operation is our top priority.

Low-voltage systems

Low-voltage grids are one of four grid levels between electricity producers and consumers. Low-voltage grids extend over distances of about 100 m to a maximum of a few kilometres. These grids are fed from a higher-level medium-voltage grid. The four-wire systems enable single-phase consumers to be connected.

They can be operated with mains voltages from 230 V /400 V (single-phase / three-phase) up to 1,000 V. In addition to the power supply, the networks can also be used for message transmission. From planning and implementation to commissioning and maintenance, we provide you with individually designed systems that are particularly user-friendly.


Shortly PLC called, the programmable logic controller is a device with which you control your machine or plant via digital programming. The programmable logic controller is regarded as the new standard in the control or regulation of a plant and has already replaced the hard-wired connection-programmed control in many fields. You do not need to worry about the structure of the PLC in inputs, outputs, operating systems and interfaces – we will take care of it for you. Just let us know your wishes.

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KNX is the fieldbus for building automation. As successor of EIB (European Installation Bus), BatiBus and EHS (European Home Systems) it is a further development of the EIB. The two systems are compatible – we work with both. KNX has some advantages over other technologies, but also disadvantages. We inform you comprehensively and plan your building automation together with you. So you can use the advantages of KNX networks without really feeling the disadvantages.


Approximately 80% of our nerves are stressed by optical stimuli, humans consume up to a quarter of their energy budget only by seeing. The lighting of buildings plays a correspondingly important role for well-being and health. Luminaire and lamp technologies for workplaces and living spaces combine ergonomics and design with energy efficiency. At least that’s what we see as our task. Talk to us, we will plan the lighting systems for your installations together with you.

Standby power systems

Lighting systems without electricity are not lighting systems – it remains dark. Neither during the planning and installation of your lighting systems nor in the event of a power failure will we leave you in the dark. Emergency power supply systems feed the lighting systems even if there is a problem somewhere.

Interior lighting

The lighting systems of larger complexes and installations are divided into two areas: The indoor installations differ fundamentally from the outdoor installations. The quality of the lighting and the way it is directed play a different role indoors from outdoors. Particularly when natural daylight is never available, lighting needs to be carefully planned. The control of lighting elements must be practical, efficient and yet flexible.

You tell us what you need and we implement it for you. Energy efficiency is just as important as an attractive lighting concept that puts your interior systems in exactly the right light.

Outdoor lighting

Although daylight is usually available outside, this is not always sufficient. Outdoor facilities need to be well lit, not least for safety reasons. Precise illumination is often required for work. It must not be too bright to prevent light pollution. You will notice that outdoor lighting is not an easy subject.

We implement your ideas competently, professionally and above all in compliance with all regulations to be observed. Object lighting and facade lighting, street lighting and floodlighting systems are just as much a part of our range of services as the financing models for sports facilities, residential buildings, shopping centres and more.

Emergency lighting systems

Emergency lighting is always important when the actual lighting fails. Sounds like a contradiction: emergency lighting simply must not have any failures. Escape routes and emergency exits must be clearly marked, the lighting system must guide people safely and provide orientation.

We work with you to develop a concept that offers maximum safety – for internal use as well as for visitor and living areas. Emergency and safety lighting, the lighting of escape routes and emergency exits must be planned together with self-sufficient energy supply systems.


An grounding system ensures that those currents are safely dissipated which occur in the event of short circuits or lightning strikes. In order to ensure a correctly executed grounding system, conscientious planning, installation and intensive construction supervision are necessary, the currents cannot be diverted into the ground in the event of – for example – short circuits. This can lead to the currents spreading in the building.

In order to prevent this, we take over the complete detailed planning, project planning, installation, commissioning, maintenance, inspection and repair for you. So you can always be sure that you have a reliable and safe grounding system.


Lightning protection systems consist of internal and external lightning protection. The external lightning protection serves to intercept direct strikes with the aid of the collecting device and to safely conduct the current to the earthing system with the aid of the interception device. To prevent damage inside buildings, however, additional lightning protection equipotential bonding and surge protection are required.

To ensure the safety of your building, we ensure reliable planning of all components in accordance with current standards and professional execution of all necessary work.


With professional overvoltage protection we protect your technical systems from damage caused by overvoltage or static discharges.


Building physics is always a network: from fire alarm systems, intercom systems and video surveillance to emergency lighting, everything must interlock well. The various technical features of your building are interconnected. Let us take a look together at which components are of importance to you, how the individual elements are to be networked and how they can be used as user-friendly as possible.


Fires and fumes should be detected as early as possible. This is the only way to trigger an alarm in good time. For fire alarm systems and smoke detection systems, you can only rely on the highest quality! We ensure that your systems comply with the latest standards. This is just as important in public buildings and institutions as it is in business complexes and private houses.

In addition to optical smoke detectors and heat detectors, we also work with special detectors, manual fire detectors, smoke aspiration systems and signal transmitters. Transmission devices, fire brigade control panels and smoke extraction systems complete your fire alarm systems.

Access control

An access control system can be a lot: From a time recording system for workers over locking systems up to a camera surveillance or a simple intercom system everything is possible in this area. We plan biometric readers into your system as well as escape route monitoring systems and more

Burglar alarm systems

Whether you call it an alarm system, a robbery alarm system or different: If people or animals enter your systems without authorisation, you should be informed. Depending on the seriousness of the situation, not only you, of course. However, wireless alarm systems and hybrid alarm systems are not an option in every building. We advise you comprehensively about the essential options. Together with you, we plan the systems and accompany you through to commissioning.

Camera systems

We don’t like to talk about video surveillance, because it scares most people off. But that’s exactly what camera systems are all about. In most cases, surveillance using analog cameras, network cameras or other systems simply serves security: malfunctions, break-ins and accidents can be recorded and processed quickly.

We will set up license plate recognition systems with you, advise you if you require high-resolution IP video systems and install your video connection to security services. But why only camera systems? Of course you also have to do something with the pictures. Intelligent video analysis up to marketing studies are possible. Use your possibilities – we will help you.

PA systems

If exceptional situations arise, a PA system is required. They can be used to transmit alarm signals, announcements, information and music. Electro-acoustic evacuation systems are set up in accordance with EN 16849; for voice alarm systems, EN 54 is decisive. The various regulations are not easy – we will help you through the jungle of rules and standards.


You expect visitors, receive guests and customers? But the door should not be open after all. Intercom systems not only make sense in private residential construction, but are also used to control access to an entire site, can control access to parks or serve as a means of communication in the event of technical problems. Each intercom system is as individual as the building complex to which it belongs. We plan your system tailor-made, set it up and ensure that it is checked regularly. We are your contact up to commissioning


Barrier systems Barrier systems of all kinds keep uninvited visitors and curious looks away from your premises. It doesn’t matter whether it’s about shielding a private garden from the neighbours, fencing in a larger property or a wall enclosure and comprehensive protection of building complexes: We connect your barrier systems with modern technology, alarm systems and video systems as well as intercoms. Only in combination with an intelligent security technology according to your individual needs it will become a complete system.

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